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Welcome to Coventry Academy

Herald is an exciting Alternative Provision for Key Stage 4 pupils (14-16) who are experiencing behaviour difficulties within a mainstream school setting. Our goal is to provide outstanding alternative education with individualised learning pathways that radically improve the achievement and life chances of our students. Herald offers a personalised curriculum that is made up of a range of core academic subjects and vocational programmes, and provides a small and supportive environment where pupils are taught in classes with no more than 10 pupils.

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Welcome to SAPAT

Stephen SteinhausExecutive Principal

Our Vision

We cannot meet the needs of every child referred to us, yet, but our vision is to continue to expand, innovate and improve so that we have a programme, provision or intervention to meet the needs of and change the future for any child in the borough in danger of “falling thorough the cracks” (Permanent Exclusion, Missing in Education, Self- exclusion/disengagement, etc.)

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